About MFG

Born and raised in LA.

Studied Design | Media Arts at UCLA.

Worked at Studio Number One under Shepard Fairey.

Started a design and events company in 2005. 

Created many events between 2005 and 2015. One, School Night, still exists. Most of those events had posters. Most of those posters I insisted on designing.

Started an experiential agency in 2012. And then again in 2014. And then again in 2018. I started calling myself a creative director and I didn't do as much design work during those times. Then a pandemic occurred and "experiences" were less "sought after." In response, I continued to work with clients and serve as creative director Bandsintown.

Through all of this, I've always been a graphic designer at heart and I'm lucky to have successfully forced clients into printing posters on occasion. Every now and then, I've made some prints as well "for art's sake." As I make things, you'll find them here.

Thank you for visiting  :-)